The function of enabling and disabling a web component lets you choose what particular information you want to show to your audience at the given time. You can enable and disable a web component by clicking the options button. The green button then becomes red which means the audience won't be able to see it. You can enable it when you click the button again.


Custom Styles (Colours and Fonts)

You can choose from a list of colours and fonts when editing. For Colours, we have the default, charcoal, gold, blue, green, grapefruit, bittersweet, sunflower, grass, mint, aqua, blue jeans, lavender, pink rose, light grey and dark grey. For Fonts, we have normal,  header 1-5 and blockquote. You can also make the words or texts in bold or italics, and other options that you prefer. These styles can be applied to make the site look presentable and consistent with the overall theme. If you wa...

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