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Create webpages for anything, your main website, a conference or for resources only for paying members.

Creating a Web Page

details about web page and how to create one

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Name and URL

details on how to choose a name and url

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Setting Security (Roles)

details about how a web page can add security

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Changing Order (Switch to Page List View)

details on how to change order

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Enabling or Disabling a Page

details about enabling or disabling a page

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Including in Main Menu

details how to include page in main menu

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Using the Main Footer

details about using the main footer

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Creating a Folder

details about creating a folder

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Webpage Components

details about webpage components and how to use them

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Moving Webpage Components (Drag and Drop)

details on how to move webpage components using the drag and drop

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Enabling or Disabling a Web Component

details on how to enable or disable a web component

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Custom Styles (Colours and Fonts)

details about custom styles, colours and fonts

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