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 We are putting together some very useful process flows for some of the more complex modules. If you have any questions please contact us

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If you need product help, there is documentation available here:
Product Documentation

Setting up a new mition membership portal

  1. Select your subscription and setup payment Go to our pricing page and select which size mition subscription you would like, you will need to login or register an account. You can elect to pay via CC or download your invoice and there are payment details at the bottom for Bank Transfer.
  2. Sign SaaS agreement Make sure your organisation has a signed Mition SaaS agreement that protects your data ownership. Ask for one for for your organisation from
  3. Load your members There are tools in place to do this, this is something we have become very good and it takes us minutes to do and this is a FREE service we provide. When you are ready send your list of members details (name, email, phone, dob, address) to and we will load these into your mition system, including subscriptions, roles, initial membership dates and anything else you have.
  4. Setup subscriptions There are two parts to this, firstly setting up the subscriptions (terms and pricing) and secondly allocating existing subscriptions and marking manually those      already paid. We also create security roles that are allocated to paying members, that way you can lock down resources (web pages and document libraries) to specific roles only.  
  5. Connect Stripe (optional) In order for your members to pay you directly, add your stripe account details under admin settings. If you don't require this we can hide anything to do with payments from your system.
  6. Content / Features Decide what you want the mition system to do, websites, chat, resources, newsletters. Create and migrate all the content  you want your members to see. Create your content.  Learn how to use the feature you will need and document your own processes / steps. You can use our documentation to understand systems and functions better and also ask questions from our team at anytime when you don't understand something or if you are trying to accomplish a task and aren't sure the best way to go about it.
  7. Domain names You can use your current website domain OR a subdomain like members.[yourdomain].org  - when you are ready tell us the name you would like and we can provide DNS instructions and SSL instructions to use it.
  8.  Go Live Let users know about the new system, send them an email where they can reset their password and get access to resources, chat etc. There are template emails you can send from your platform to tell your users about your new website and how to reset their password.  

We will be there to help you through each stage and will setup a regular 1 hour a week meeting to go through outstanding tasks and questions.

Need custom webpages or features?

We often add customised workflows and screens when its absolutely crucial for your organisations processes. These are estimated and we provide detailed proposals which have costs and timeframes to deliver these additional items. Often, if other clients have asked for the same item we offset the cost by making this a new feature for the entire mition community.

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