Service Desk

Increase your offering to members with this feature, the internal Support/Help Desk module.

Help desk supports your organisation to automate member and staff support.

Keeping all member requests within your membership portal.

Ensure your teams' accountability, manages internal tasks, tracks the resolution and closing of tickets along with the ability to track bottlenecks within your organisation.

Tickets are instantly added to the internal project board, use the Mition reporting insights to track lifecycle trends of your support requests.

Weekly automated reminders will support your team to never miss a member request.

For all sized organisations; seamlessly supporting members is the number one goal. 

Our helpdesk system allows your organisation ‘support success’ by creating a formal streamlined process. 

Members can create, track and comment on tickets. While staff can also move ownership and adjust the severity and or urgency.


Document Library

The document library was built to manage the internal and external documents that organisations require to run. A single place of truth for company IP to be safely held. Create libraries for different use, control who has access and the...

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