Education Module


The education module is currently under development and due for the first version to be complete Q1 2021, this promises to be a major achievement for mition in its journey so far, but we need your help to ensure our generic education module will fit your organisation.

Here we will publish the latest draft requirements we are creating so you can see if it is fit for purpose and assist in providing feedback on how to better  implement such a solution.

During our journey assisting several medical colleges, we found that most of these education programs needed heavy manual processes involved, mition is designing an education platform that will work out of the box. 

The key differentiation with our education module is the cost effectiveness, a low cost fully cloud based education module that can be tailored, branded and utilised by any organisation.

Features v1:

- Ability to create a program and add program requirements to it (what the user needs to achieve).
- Ability to add a user to a program and provide start date, to end a user program we add a finish date.
- Ability to track the users overall progress of the program (as a calculated %).
- User to complete activities and for the system to verify if they have met any program requirements.
- Provide a user in a program with their status and tasks that are completed / outstanding.
- Organisational competencies can be defined and created.
- All activities have competency references built in (select none, one or many)
- Allow for some activities to have final approval by staff (important for things like exams / assessments where a review is required before the user officially passes the activity requirement).
- Cater for exemptions, allow staff to exempt program requirements for specific users (e.g. they started mid year); v1 we will only include exempting an entire program requirement (not part of).
- Certification; add a certificate the user can download once the program is complete.
- Share activities across multiple programs or have specific activities available only to specific programs
- All functions able to be accessed by API (so you can implement your own integrations to complete activities)


Every thing in the education module centres around activities, these are defined by staff and associated to programs. As a user completes an activity (self logged or perhaps they perform a specific task within the system) the system adds this to their progress in the program.

There are many different types of activities and some of them have specific functionality outside of just picking from a list of general activities the user has done.

Activities targeted for v1 include

  • eLearning (upload your own xAPI courses)
  • General Activity (pick from a list that staff have created like read article, present topic, attend meeting, attend conference, mentor assessment)
  • Placements (work placement at specific supplier types e.g. Accredited Hospital)
  • Other Programs (select other programs that make up this program which allows you to create Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 programs and the overall training program to include these 3 years).

Future Activities planned v2

  • Surveys
  • Forms
  • Basic Assessments
  • Examinations

Program Requirements

At the heart of the education module is the defining of program requirements.

We want to make this plain english, where requirements have the format similar to something like this:

Program X Requirements 1st January 2021 to  31 December 2021

Course/s in Self Learning (each >=75%)

Forms/s in Self Assessment (12 points)

Survey/s in Staff Engagement (12 points)

Placement/s in Acc Hospital (12 weeks)

Assessment in Acc Hospital (Pass) + every 6 months

Final Exam (>=75%)

Requirement Documents

We are finalising these now and will upload soon, in the meantime if you want to stay in touch please register by contacting us.