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Webpages are a great way to provide information to your members, staff and anyone else.

With the ability to quickly create a webpage, add some text to it and save it so everyone can see it, it is the fastest way to keep everyone informed.

The website editor in mition is really easy to use.

To create a new page on your website:

- go to Webpages
- Click on the [ + ] button under neath the list of pages
- Add a name and a URL and press save.

You can customise more things in that area too, like who has access and whether this page should be included in the menu or page seaches.

Now click on the webpage it created and go and add a component. A component is added by clicking the larger [+] link on the right hand side.


Name and URL

  You can create the name of the Webpage by clicking the edit icon and filling out the empty box with the appropriate name that you want.  For the URL, it has to have a forward slash ( /) and has to have a name. It’s not recommended to adjust the homepage though if you are making a folder because you need the page at that specific location to be able to access everything or to at least have something to land on when people go to it first. All urls should be lowercase and have no spaces, se...

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