Setting Security (Roles)

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Web pages can add security. You can create pages and areas that are limited to people who are part of a specific role. You can include more than 1 role and all those roles will have access.

You can create your own roles (see Admin Settings > Members > Roles) or use the inbuilt Roles provided (Admininistrator, Staff, Member).

You can assign roles to users manually, one at a time or in bulk and you can have a role assigned to a user automatically when they add a subscription (free or paid subscriptions that can be monthly, yearly or fixed period).


Changing Order (Switch to Page List View)

When you open the site and log in with your details such as username and password, you are directed to the dashboard. On the dashboard, there are two (2) ways of getting to most of the features. You can use the big icons or the quick ones at the right side which you can call the quick icon toolbar. If you use the side ones, it stays there which is very easy and handy but you can get into the web page editing without it as it disappears when you go back to the dashboard and click on the big icon...

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