Before being able to accept credit cards and recurring payments on your mition site, you will first need to add a payment gateway, currently we only offer Stripe.

You can accept payments manually and record payments manually such as bank transfer, cash and cheque.

The easiest way to collect money is to use credit cards and to add a Stripe account. It is up to each organisation to create their own stripe account and the relationship between your organisation and stripe and any fees they charge.

You can add an existing stripe account or you can create a stripe account in a day! Follow this link to start a new stripe account.


Adding your stripe keys.

There are two keys, a perishable key and a secret key,
Example Perishable Key (note that the production one starts with pk_live....)


Secret Key (note that the production one starts with sk_live...)

Add these to the Admin Settings of your mition site. Under

Admin Setting > Payment Gateway > Stripe Public Key (place the perishable key in this textbox)


Admin Setting > Payment Gateway > Stripe Secret Key (place the secret key in this textbox)

What happens next?


At this stage we are only using the Production stripe system, but we have the ability to test in the Developer stripe system should we need to debug/test run anything in the future.

What happens next?

Stripe will take their fee and pay the remainder into the bank account you have added (via Stripe), the Stripe fee is 1.75% + A$0.30 so breakdown becomes:

Original Amount: $1.00

Fee Amount: $0.0175 + $0.30 = $0.3175

Final Amount: $0.6825

So you should see the figure $0.6825 transferred to your bank account, providing you have setup the bank account correctly.

A $15 membership fee would be:

Original Amount: $15.00

Fee Amount: $0.5625

Final Amount: $14.4375

Stripe also combines multiple payments and makes a single transfer, so if 100 members pay at once, stripe only sends one bulk payment. 

The payment information and invoice details can be found in mition, the attached invoice and two csv files were downloaded from the invoice and payment screen in mition, you can also get similar details from Stripe.

Mition does not take any fees, the relationship your organisation has with Stripe is between your organisation and Stripe, mition simply facilitates the two systems talking to each other. 

Note: International cards do have higher fees, if you foresee your clients having an overseas Credit  Card. Read more about stripe pricing here.

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