Create service desk / helpdesk tickets and delegate to your team

Need a helpdesk system? 

When you subscribe to our software, it includes a Helpdesk system for your clients as just one of 8 main modules.

Our helpdesk allows your organisation to create tickets for your customers (and for anyone else) and delegate them to the right area in your organisation.

You can use the mition system to manage members, subscriptions, payments, email marketing, education, programs, roles, custom data as well as document libraries. You can even build full webpages and other systems.

You can use mition as an intranet, or make it available as a fully self serving helpdesk, so users can track issues and get follow ups themselves.

What is mition

Mition is a cloud based (software as a service) system that can be used to manage anything. 


Pricing starts at $199 per month

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" Allow your members to raise helpdesk tickets, auto assign to staff members, send txt messages for urgent helpdesk tickets. This workflow tool helps to ensure all of your members requirements are not lost and are prioritised. "

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